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We are a socially responsible

We are a socially responsible and environmentally conscious company


We are collaborating with Bamba. Would you like to help us?

Around 800.000.000 people suffer from hunger in the world and 57.000.000 children cannot go to school. These are some of the facts that the NGO Bamba is fighting against in one of the most disadvantaged areas of Kenya.

When you place your order you have the option of making a small donation which we will send, in full, to Bamba. We have all the transfer receipts at your disposal.

Amount collected: More than 2.900€!

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We reinforce our commitment with our water: Auara.

Auara is a mineral water brand that invests 100% of its dividends in bringing drinking water to people who have no access to it. They also work to reduce the environmental impact of the bottles we consume.

This has been achieved to date:

  • 21.000.000 +

    More than 21.000.000 litres provided in developing countries

  • 300.000 +

    More than 300.000 litres of oil saved

  • 8.000.000 +

    More than 8.000.000 recycled bottles

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At ApetEat we want to do our bit to make the world a better place.

Social responsability

In a world full of inequalities and discrimination, at ApetEat we want to offer opportunities to people who do not have it easy.

We collaborate with our partners in Salto to give a chance to people with functional diversity.

Thanks to the Salto Foundation I was able to meet ApetEat and join their team. For me it is a great opportunity and I have been enjoying it and taking advantage of it for 3 years now. I feel integrated, respected and valued, they are my second family.
Rafiu, ApetEat worker

Commitment: #NoFoodWaste

In Barcelona we collaborate with Social Fooding

The Social Fooding Foundation is a foundation that aims to reduce the figure of 22% of the population of Catalonia living below the poverty line.

With the help of volunteers, they collect food waste from restaurants, hotels and other collaborating entities and distribute it among the most disadvantaged families in Barcelona.


In Madrid we collaborate with Hogar Sí

It is a social initiative, nonprofit and state level entity. They are motivated by the conviction that it is possible to put an end to homelessness.

We deliver our food waste to Hogar Sí and they redistribute it to homeless people without access to basic food.



COVID-19 Crisis: More than 2,5 tons of food donated.

  • 100% compostable packaging

    Our bags, containers, lids, cutlery, napkins, labels, adhesives, saucers... are 100% sustainable, biodegradable and compostable. In ApetEat we take care of the Planet.

  • Recycling

    Recycling has never been so easy. Put containers, lids, cutlery, napkins, labels, adhesives and saucers in the bag and put it in the organic container.

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ApetEat Help

Crisis COVID-19: Más de 2,5 toneladas de comida donadas.

  • ApetEat Help

    When the crisis began we began to make food donations to our incredible health care staff. A few days later, ApetEat Help was born: A platform of solidarity through which hundreds of people have made donations that have allowed us to continue helping our health personnel, as well as helping families who have had a hard time because of the pandemic.