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Healthy and delicious food. No additives added.


Mediterranean diet

Our team of chefs and nutritionists use the best local and seasonal ingredients to create natural, and unique recipes with no additives.

  • check Quality raw materials.
  • check Fresh and local ingredients.
  • check No additives added.

Our kitchen

A traditional kitchen to get the flavours of a lifetime. How would you do it at home.


Our dishes

We create our menus based on getting a balanced, varied and healthy food offer.


Steamed vegetables


Chicken tacos with sofrito


Mushroom cream

Labeling legislation

How can there be any additive on a plate if we don't use additives?

Some of our ingredients are associated with some type of additive. For example, tomato sauces carry citric acid. Citric acid is a natural compound that is particularly concentrated in citrus fruits (for example, lemon or orange) and prevents tomato sauce from acidifying.

There are companies that do not, but we want to comply 100% with the legislation and we want to put it in value. We are transparent.